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james gandolfini

How Much Money Did James Gandolfini Have? (Salary & Net Worth)

James Joseph Gandolfini, Jr was the Godfather of Television. The American actor was highly acclaimed for his role as Tony Soprano in the big time hit HBO series The Sopranos. He played the lead role in the series and his character engulfed as the Boss of a New Jersey Mafia gang who tried hard to balance his personal and professional life. The series debuted in the year 1999 and ended in 2007 entailing six seasons of high end drama. History James Gandolfini was basically of Italian origin; however Read more […]

Jesse Ventura Net Worth

How Much Does Jesse Ventura Make? (Salary & Net Worth)

James George Janos, aka Jesse Ventura, was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota on July 15, 1951. He’s a successful professional wrestler and actor and also ventured in the political world as the governor of Minnesota. He has a wife named Terry, and they have two wonderful children. First and foremost, he also found a life as a Navy SEAL and headed off to Vietnam to fight in the war in the 1970s. He was honorably discharged from the U.S. Navy in 1973 and then worked as a legitimate bodyguard for Read more […]

Katey Sagal net worth

How Much Money Does Katey Sagal Make? (Net Worth & Salary)

Catherine Louise Sagal, also known by her stage name as Katey Sagal, is an American singer-songwriter and actress. She has starred in sitcoms and dramas and was a backup singer for various musicians. She was born on January 19, 1954 and is married to Kurt Sutter. She has 1 child with Mr. Sutter and 3 children with former husband Jack White. Katey and her husband live in the Los Angeles area at this time. She started in the entertainment business as a backup singer for Bob Dylan, Etta James,, Olivia Read more […]


How Much Does Kiefer Sutherland Make Per Episode?

Kiefer Sutherland has been acting and making great movies since the early 80s. His most recent acting and producing work and the one that made Kiefer Sutherland the most dough was 24 on the FOX network. If you are a 24 fan, chances are you want to know how much Kiefer Sutherland/Jack Bauer makes per episode! According to sources, Kiefer Sutherland made around $425,000 per episode back in 2007. As “Jack’s” following grew, by 2008/2009 Jack Bauer a.k.a Kiefer Sutherland was making $550,000 per episode. Read more […]

Charlie Sheen Salary

Charlie Sheen Salary (Two and a Half Men) Per Episode

Charlie Sheen was making around $800k per episode earlier this year but things are looking great for Sheen since he is on track to make $2 million per episode. He currently make $1.25 Million per episode. That’s right, Sheen makes around $1.25 million per episode playing in “Two and a Half Men”. Charlie Sheen is the son of popular actor, Martin Sheen. Charlie has a total net worth of $135 Million Dollars. He is one of the top paid actors for comedy sitcom. He’s having some legal issues for Read more […]

Steve Carell Salary

How Much Money Does Steve Carell Make ?

Ok, so who doesn’t love watching The Office? If you’ve worked in an office environment, you have to start watching the office if you aren’t already. The office is a mocumentary that takes place at a Dunder Mifflin Paper company office branch based out of Scranton PA. The main star and the boss of the office is the one and only, Steve Carell (Michael Scott). Steve made $175,000 per episode on season 3. He was only making around $90k per episode in the first two seasons but as the show grew in Read more […]

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