The Top 10 Highest Paid Actors of All Time

Top 10 Paid Actors of All Time

Hollywood has made more millionares than any other industry out there, but even in Hollywood there are those actors that blow the rest of the competition out of the water. The highest paid actors don’t necessarily work on more projects than other actors, they just command more pay per project on account of their skill, looks and ability to bring people to the movie theater. Surprisingly, some of the most recognizable and iconic of Hollywood’s stars are not at the top of the list because of time taken off from acting and their decision to work on small, independently funded films.

The following are the top ten highest paid actors of all time in order from ten to one.

One of the most sought after actors at the prime of his acting career was Tom Cruise, and he is the tenth highest paid actor of all time. Tom Cruise pulls in about twenty two million per film project and won three Golden Globes for his work, of which he is most known for the Mission Impossible series. He has an estimated net worth of $270 million. With a more varied resume, Tim Allen is the ninth highest paid actor in Hollywood also earning twenty two million per film project. With a current net worth of 80 million dollars, Tim Allen is sought after for his work in animated films.

Complicated work in action films garners Mark Wahlberg an impressive twenty eight million per film project, making him number nine of the list. Wahlberg might not be the most popular actor, but his ability to get the shot makes him a coveted high action actor. Robert Downey, of the Iron Man chain, earns an average of thirty one million per film, also on account of his intense action film skills. Coming in at number six is comedic actor, Ben Stiller, with an estimated thirty four million a film. Tom Hanks with his heart felt blockbuster dramas commission a nice thirty five million per film earning him a spot at the top five.

To round out the top ten list are the highest paid actors of all time and the best of the best in the industry. Will Smith is number four because of his ability to adapt to every kind of film and play his characters with the skill needed in Hollywood. Will Smith earns thirty six million dollars, at least, per film he is in. The number three spot goes to Adam Sandler, for his endless series of comedic films that fans just love. Sandler earns a reported forty million per film he stars in. Acting genius, Johnny Depp commands a whopping fifty million per film he agrees to take on, and is never out of work or looking for anything long. Finally, at the top of the list is hearthrob, Leonardo DiCaprio with an astounding seventy seven million dollars a film.

Interesting enough, the entire top ten list is made up of men, even though there are equally if not better actresses in Hollywood. Female actors are climbing up the list though and demanding more and more per film appearance than ever before so this list is sure to change very soon.

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4 Responses to “The Top 10 Highest Paid Actors of All Time”

  1. Scope xs says:

    And I always wonder why such wealthy people don’t give major money when disasters hit like hurricane Sandy…people in real need and these actors …multi millionaires just make a donated appearance on a commercial asking people to help…wow…if all the people in Hollywood put in just a million dollars..think how fast these people’s lives could be put back together…Sandra Bullock gave a million dollars to help black people in Africa..when you hear of these guys making a million or two on just one sitcom episode it makes you stop and think …or these rappers who are making 100 million a year…people say they give to charities, but not nearly any significant amount ….compared to the millions they are taking …and these benefit concerts that some of these people do for ‘free’…hardly…they get a big write off on their taxes…and they never seem to know if the money actually goes to the people in need…all they know is they did their part and now they can keep from feeling guilty…here is a suggestion…get all your entertainment buddies together and give some real money…I don’t think a million dollars to many of you guys means that much….you’ll easily make that on the next movie or concert…forego another Roll Royce and help people in need…

    • Ryab says:

      Yeah, how about every one with money just gives large sums of it for every disaster and emergency where people are in need. They could easily hand out millions, no problem. Do you realize how stupid you sound? A Million dollars is a shit load of money. Even to people who make millions. Safe to say half is taken in taxes right off the top. And that pays welfare for plenty of people in “need.” do you give a large percentage of your income to disaster relief? Because asking a rapper to donate millions is like asking the average American to donate thousands, which doesn’t typically happen. And you don’t chastise someone making 20 grand a year for not giving away thousands. If these actors gave money every time there was a natural disaster or humanitarian effort they’d be out of money in a hurry. Wake up, that’s not how the world works. Stop trying to patronize people to make yourself feel like a better person. That benefit concert they do for free which helps raise tons of money is a lot more than you do. Their time and presence is worth millions more than they could donate to a humanitarian effort. That free concert dies way more good than what you did for any natural disaster, I can assure of that.

      • Yev says:

        No matter how it seems, people’s salaries are not proportional. 10% of a billionaire’s money is a ton, but can he live without it? Common sense. 10% of a low class man’s wage is just in thousands, maybe 2 or 4. Can he afford to give that away? Probably not. IMO it’s not 100 times harder to earn 1 million than it is to earn 10000 dollars. But if that’s the way you make your conscience think, then so be it.

  2. erfan says:

    Johnny depp is the highest paid actor of all time.

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