How much Money Does Justin Bieber Make?


Justin Bieber just turned 17 and he makes more money per concert than most educated adult will make in a year. Yes, the teen sensation Justin Bieber reportedly makes $450k to $550k per concert/show. That’s a lot of mullah for a kid who got discovered only in 2008, and now is making millions per year. Sure Charlie Sheen used to make more than Justin, but as long as Justin stays true to his music, he will only double his income within a year.

Update 2012: Justin Bieber’s Net Worth for 2012 is $115 Million. He makes most of his money from CD’s, iTunes downloads, and of course all the tours and concerts.

Do you think Justin Bieber is underpaid or overpaid?

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2 Responses to “How much Money Does Justin Bieber Make?”

  1. gabriella says:

    i think he deserves every penny he makes. sure a-listers make a lot of money and I do agree a but too much but this kid has talents and I love him!!!! do ur thang Justin!!! xoxox

  2. derek says:

    No, this douche bag doesn’t deserve crap! this no talent hack. He couldn’t sing a lick against a real artist.

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