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How Much Does Lark Voorhies Make? (Salary and Net Worth)

If you grew up in the 90s, chances are you remember Lark. Does the name Lisa Turtle ring a bell? She’s mainly known for her role in the popular TV Sitcom, Saved by the Bell. She has won “Best Young Actress Starring in an Off-Primetime Series” award both in 1990 and 1993. Personal Life Lark was born in Nashville, Tennessee. Her family moved to Pasadena, CA when she was a toddler. Lark Voorhies has been married twice. Her first marriage was to Miguel Coleman, which lasted almost 9 years. They Read more […]


How much Money Does Justin Bieber Make?

Justin Bieber just turned 17 and he makes more money per concert than most educated adult will make in a year. Yes, the teen sensation Justin Bieber reportedly makes $450k to $550k per concert/show. That’s a lot of mullah for a kid who got discovered only in 2008, and now is making millions per year. Sure Charlie Sheen used to make more than Justin, but as long as Justin stays true to his music, he will only double his income within a year. Update 2012: Justin Bieber’s Net Worth for 2012 is $115 Read more […]

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