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How Much Money Does Mila Kunis Make? (Salary & Net Worth)

Born as Milena Markovna Kunis in Chernivtsi, Ukraine on August 14, 1983, Mila Kunis is an Ukrainian actress who moved to the city of Los Angeles with her parents when she was only 7 years of age. She enrolled into the Beverly Hills Studio and met Susan Curtis whom would be her future talent manager. Mila did not start off very well hitting big-time acting roles. Actually, she was able to only get a small role in the television series “7th Heaven”, but in the year 1998, she was finally able to Read more […]

Katey Sagal net worth

How Much Money Does Katey Sagal Make? (Net Worth & Salary)

Catherine Louise Sagal, also known by her stage name as Katey Sagal, is an American singer-songwriter and actress. She has starred in sitcoms and dramas and was a backup singer for various musicians. She was born on January 19, 1954 and is married to Kurt Sutter. She has 1 child with Mr. Sutter and 3 children with former husband Jack White. Katey and her husband live in the Los Angeles area at this time. She started in the entertainment business as a backup singer for Bob Dylan, Etta James,, Olivia Read more […]


How Much Does Lark Voorhies Make? (Salary and Net Worth)

If you grew up in the 90s, chances are you remember Lark. Does the name Lisa Turtle ring a bell? She’s mainly known for her role in the popular TV Sitcom, Saved by the Bell. She has won “Best Young Actress Starring in an Off-Primetime Series” award both in 1990 and 1993. Personal Life Lark was born in Nashville, Tennessee. Her family moved to Pasadena, CA when she was a toddler. Lark Voorhies has been married twice. Her first marriage was to Miguel Coleman, which lasted almost 9 years. They Read more […]


How Much Money Does Jim Belushi Make?

Actor Jim Belushi was born in Chicago, Illinois, on June 15, 1954. He is the third of four children and followed his successful brother, John, into the acting field. Belushi has had many accomplishments and has an estimated net worth of $15 million. Furthermore, he commands top dollar for each of his television episodes earning up to $300,000 per episode. Early Life Jim Belushi attended the College of DuPage and later Southern Illinois University. He graduated with a degree in both Theater Read more […]

Martin Lawrence

How Much Money Does Martin Lawrence Make?

Martin Lawrence has been acting since the 80s, and he’s been in dozens of movies, and not to mention his own sitcom. Martin made over $50k per episode on the “Martin”, and that was lot of money back in the 90s. If you think $50k per episode is good, how about $20 million for National Security and another $20 mil for Blue Streak?. Not to mention all his other box office hits like Bad Boys, Big Mommas House 1,2 and 3 – and a ton of other great movies. Martin well deserves all the money he is making Read more […]


Ed O’Neill Salary (Modern Family) Per Episode

Who here doesn’t know or remember Al Bundy? He’s been an actor for over 4 decades. His first role was in 1970 in All My Children. Ed’s most famous and longest running gig was in Married with Children. Married with Children started in 1987 and ran until 1997. If you’re like me, you idolized Al and he was sorta your dad as well back in the late 80s and early 90s. Unfortunately for Ed, back then actors didn’t make as much as they do now days. We are happy to report that Ed O’Neill currently makes a Read more […]

Charlie Sheen Salary

Charlie Sheen Salary (Two and a Half Men) Per Episode

Charlie Sheen was making around $800k per episode earlier this year but things are looking great for Sheen since he is on track to make $2 million per episode. He currently make $1.25 Million per episode. That’s right, Sheen makes around $1.25 million per episode playing in “Two and a Half Men”. Charlie Sheen is the son of popular actor, Martin Sheen. Charlie has a total net worth of $135 Million Dollars. He is one of the top paid actors for comedy sitcom. He’s having some legal issues for Read more […]

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