How Much Money Does Kate Gosselin Make? ( Net Worth & Salary)

Kate Gosselin Net Worth

Well some love her and some hate her, but love her or hate her, Kate Gosselin makes $250,000 per episode. I have a feeling her ex-hubby is pulling his hair out and will go suicidal pretty soon. Gosselin was your ordinary mom prior to 2005, but quickly their show became one of the most watched ones on TV. Of course they had marital problems like most people who expose their personal lives for the general public. Kate and her ex Jon split in 2009.  Kate used to make $250k per episode and that is more than what most professional actors make. Even for reality shows, most hosts only make around $30k to $100k per episode so its rather strange that Kate is getting so much more, but I guess the executives are paying for total of 9 people since the kids are on the show as well.

Update 2012: Kate’s show was recently cancelled. There were plenty of rumors going around that Kate’s net worth is $5 million dollars. Kare Gosselin made it clear on Twitter that she does not have $5 million, and that she wished she actually had $5 million.

Kate Gosselin’s Net Worth for 2012 is $200 Thousand dollars. It’s kind of hard believing that some who used to get $250k per episode, only has a net worth of $200k, but she did have a lavish lifestyle plus raising 8 kids alone is not cheap.

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3 Responses to “How Much Money Does Kate Gosselin Make? ( Net Worth & Salary)”

  1. Juan says:

    yup, i’m sure the kids are somehow compensated but since they are young, they just pay Kate the big salary per episode.

  2. jaclyn says:

    i think she deserves the money! her whole life is documented.

  3. joann says:

    She is a tv whore and she just uses those kids to make money

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