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How Much Money Does Mike Tyson Make? (Salary & Net Worth)

Former undisputed heavyweight champion, Michael Gerard Tyson aka Mike Tyson, is the youngest boxer to win many heavyweight titles. He was nicknamed as “Iron Mike”, “Kid Dynamite” and “The Baddest Man on the Planet”. Mike Tyson was notoriously popular for his vicious and aggressive boxing style and not to forget, his intimidating behavior in and out of the ring. History Mike Tyson was born in NYC in Brooklyn to mother Lorna Tyson and father Jimmy Kirkpatrick. Tyson’s father, Jimmy Read more […]

Jesse Ventura Net Worth

How Much Does Jesse Ventura Make? (Salary & Net Worth)

James George Janos, aka Jesse Ventura, was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota on July 15, 1951. He’s a successful professional wrestler and actor and also ventured in the political world as the governor of Minnesota. He has a wife named Terry, and they have two wonderful children. First and foremost, he also found a life as a Navy SEAL and headed off to Vietnam to fight in the war in the 1970s. He was honorably discharged from the U.S. Navy in 1973 and then worked as a legitimate bodyguard for Read more […]

Kate Gosselin Net Worth

How Much Money Does Kate Gosselin Make? ( Net Worth & Salary)

Well some love her and some hate her, but love her or hate her, Kate Gosselin makes $250,000 per episode. I have a feeling her ex-hubby is pulling his hair out and will go suicidal pretty soon. Gosselin was your ordinary mom prior to 2005, but quickly their show became one of the most watched ones on TV. Of course they had marital problems like most people who expose their personal lives for the general public. Kate and her ex Jon split in 2009.  Kate used to make $250k per episode and that is more Read more […]

Adam Richman

How much does Adam Richman Make Per Episode? Man v. Food

Adam Richman is the famous host of Man Vs. Food on the Travel Channel. The show airs on the Travel Channel and it’s on its third season. Lot of people want to know how much does Adam make per episode that gives him the inspiration and the power to eat all that food up. Adam Richman reportedly makes $35,000 per episode. Adam has a total Net Worth of $6.5 Million Dollars. Most guys who love to eat (Like myself) actually envy Adam as he probably has one of the best jobs in the U.S.A. :)  You can Read more […]

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