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How Much do CNAs Make in USA? (Certified Nurse Aide)

Depending on what state you live in, the annual income for Certified Nurse Assistants vary. Nurse Aides make between $17,000 to $35,000 per year. The average salary for CNAs in the USA for 2011 was $26,469 per year. Not a bad salary considering most people get certified in under 6 months. CNA classes are ideal jobs for all those who are about to graduate or for those who are seeking a new career in the health industry. CNAs in the U.S. are always in need. Once you complete your CNA exam, you will Read more […]

How Much Do Dental Hygienists Make?

Dental Hygienists is a growing field and extremely high in demand. The average annual income of a dental hygienist is $75,000. It can vary between $15 per hour and go up to as much as $40 per hour.Depending what state and area you are located in, the income can be considerably higher. For instance if you have great experiance and get a job in Beverly Hills, you can bet you can make over 6 figures. So if you are looking for a great career in the dental world, you may want to consider becoming a dental Read more […]

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