How Much Money Does Vince Vaughn Make? (Salary & Net Worth)


Vince Vaughn was born in the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota in the year 1970 and has been able to rise amongst the best actors in the entertainment industry. In 1988, he and his family packed up their bags and moved to the town of Buffalo Grove. Shortly after, he and his family moved to Forest Lake, Illinois. Vaughn used a decent amount of time playing sports during his attendance at Lake Forest High School in the same year. He was quite gifted as an athlete, given his nearly 6 ½ foot stature but had one very big goal in life. He wanted to become successful in the movie and entertainment industry. With his inspiration being his own mother, he knew that hard work and the utmost amount of dedication would certainly help him become successful, as well. Sharon Eileen (Vince’s mother) was a very successful financial manage in the United States and inspired Vince to be the successful actor, producer, director, comedian, and screenwriter that he is today.

Vaughn was once dating Jennifer Aniston but broke away from the relationship due to the tabloids spilling out negative stories that he was seeing another woman. Now, he’s very happily married to a realtor, Kyla Weber, and they have a child, a daughter named Lochlyn Kyla Vaughn, whom was recently born in the month of December of the year 2010.

Net Worth

Vince has definitely worked diligently and consistently on his many talents and has certainly brought forth wonderful acting roles in various films. Still, in Vince’s early acting years, his was nowhere near as successful as he wanted to be. He was struggling to find good acting gigs in the early 1990s but finally found a leading role in 1996. He starred in the movie “Swingers” and finally found the spotlight he needed to get to the point where he is now. He has starred in many movies and produced, directed, and written quite a few scripts, as well. He’s starred in “The Lost World: Jurassic Park”, “Wedding Crashers”, “Into the Wild”, “The Breakup”, “Couples Retreat”, “Be Cool”, “Starsky and Hutch”, “The Dilema”, “Fred Clause”, and has also taken jobs for television commercials for Chevrolet.

With all the hard work and dedication put forth in Vaughn’s efforts as a successful producer, director, screenwriter and actor, he’s accumulated a total net worth of $35 million.

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    Met the guy at Disneyland 2013/05/20 and he is a total ass, all i did is walk by the guy and said go Blackhawks the hockey team. We are from Vancouver BC and we are a big hockey family because both my Kids play competitive hockey at a high level. The guy would not give us the time. If that’s what these movie stars are like they can have it.

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