How Much Money Does Robert Kiyosaki Make? – Net Worth & Salary

Robert Kiyosaki Salary and Bio

Robert Kiyosaki is a self-made millionaire. There are estimates that he is worth upwards of $80 million dollars. He says that he began after claiming bankruptcy in his early years and ended up homeless, living in just a vehicle. He started a business from the ground up while he was still homeless and that is where his money making began.

Since his early business started, he has written 15 books, made multiple investments in real estate and energy and has developed his own brand. In addition, he also did mining and oil drilling. Robert Kiyosaki’s books are based on a theme of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and have continued on in this manner. The idea behind them is to offer anecdotal advice about how to become wealthy.

Not all of Robert Kiyosaki’s methods are necessarily above board for maintaining his wealth. This year he was sued and because the company he previously did business under has only a few million dollars, he was able to claim corporate bankruptcy to protect his own personal wealth under his new business name. This left the company that helped him get his early start hung out to dry.

According to various sources, Robert Kiyosaki’s recommended tips for gaining wealth vary between the absolute ridiculous to the downright illegal. Whether Mr. Kiyosaki actually employed any of these methods is up for debate, though. It seems that most of his wealth is actually made from the 26 million copies of his books that have been sold and other investments.

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